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Healthy Luxury Natural Beds
Are Our Passion

Own a superyacht?

We have experience supplying specialised versions of our beds on superyacht's.

You can now enjoy the same level of comfort at home & sea. Please get in touch for more info.

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Our objective is and always has been to make the best qualitymost comfortable luxury natural mattresses available. Our primary objective is to ensure that each customer is given honest advice over their choice of bed, as it it vital to make the right choice for real quality of life.

We buy the materials for our designer handmade pocket sprung luxury beds on the basis of quality not price. As we use high quality materials and fillings our beds are not cheap, but you can pay three times, five times or even more and not get such a high standard of quality and comfort.

We believe that our range is truly outstanding at any price and if you make a careful comparison we believe you will agree. If you examine the page ‘Buying tips’ it will help you compare with insight.

Our bespoke beds are handmade in the UK with very high quality heat treated pocket springs. The fine workmanship shows from the fine hand side stitching to the embroidered handles. We pay close attention to quality and offer bespoke services like dual tension where one side of the mattress is firmer than the other.

We will also manufacture your luxury bespoke mattress to almost any size including luxury French beds / bedstead sizes. Our most comfortable luxury mattress topper creates a more cushioned feel as opposed to a springy feel, and can be made to measure.

Experience the difference of a Pure Rest luxury bed. We know you will be captivated with it and are confident you will agree this is the best quality and most comfortable luxurious mattress you have ever slept on.

Sleep Better...
...Live Better

Let’s Work Together

Would you like to be one of our luxury bed dealers?

We are looking for some dealers ( UK and overseas ). If you share our passion to supply high quality beds, ensure customers get best advice on choice of bed, and want a product where you can expect excellent customer satisfaction, we would like to hear from you.

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