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Luxury natural mattress with pure rest embroidered into the handle.

Our Story

We are a family run company based in Hertfordshire UK.

Our family have been suppliers to the bedding trade for over 50 Years spanning three generations. Over this time we have built up tremedous knowledge of how

to make the perfect bed!

Our beds are hand made in Hertfordshire using natural fillings and high quality heat treated pocket springs. Our designer beds stand out as being very precise with a clean modern finish but whilst still using traditional methods such as tape edged finish.

Also we have become very well known for our high commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact we have been overwhelmed by the delightful response of customers who have provided customer testimonials.

Why Buy From Us ?

If you are a discerning buyer who understands how vital good sleep is for a healthy lifestyle, we are confident you will share our passion for beds, and be pleasantly surprised at the prices. The unique feel of our beds cannot be described - you have to try one. You can get some idea though from our testimonials.


After over 50 years experience of beds we set out to make the best beds possible for good sleep. Every component is selected only if it is the best available

and then assembled by hand with attention to detail using our

wealth of experience to achieve perfection.

For example our all wool topper is so generously filled that it weighs over 3 kilos per sq metre. Why do we use so much wool ? because that much wool is required to regulate the sleeping environment in a way to no other filling can. Other makes use much less wool or mixtures of wool and cotton or hair which are simply not in the same class.

We developed a special machine to ‘tuft’ the topper in a way that the ties cannot

be felt and also enhance the deep breathing properties of the topper.

Our pocket spring system utilizes springs that are heat treated after they are made that gives every spring exactly the response that is required as well as it retaining its ‘as new’ feel for many times longer than conventional pocket springs. The advantage of our system was highlighted when we had a mattress sent for the destruction test where heavy triangular rollers are forced back and forth over it thousands of times.

Instead of it being destroyed as is usual it emerged from the test

completely unscathed looking like new.

When compared with other top end luxury beds why are our prices much lower? The answer is simple, we do not spend a lot on advertising or expensive showrooms, our overheads and profits are kept reasonable and we pass on the value to customers. It is possible to pay a lot more for a bed that actually costs much less to make. easily double, treble,  even six times as much ... and beyond, yet not get such a good bed.  We believe a good product should sell itself rather than advertising and much of our business comes from customers recommending the product to others.

We take pride to help customers select the best model and tension for their personal requirements, --- not just to sell them a bed, there will be no pressure to buy. We are also available by telephone to give similar advice on our range of beds.

We desire that every customer be 100% happy with what they purchase.

Discerning customers are willing to travel some distance to get the right product that will enhance their quality of life. Customers have come from all over the UK and beyond to us in Hertfordshire. The one who currently holds the record for distance,

travelled over from Canada to UK to specially to purchase an Ultima model.

Let’s Work Together

Would you like to be one of our luxury bed dealers?

We are looking for some dealers ( UK and overseas ). If you share our passion to supply real quality beds, ensure customers get best advice on choice of bed, and want a product where you can expect excellent customer satisfaction, we would like to hear from you.

Thanks for submitting!

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