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1. Natural Fillings

What is the best filling for your mattress?

To provide not only a outstanding comfort, we also provide a healthy sleeping environment by using natural fillings with properties that are suited to sleeping. You Cannot find a better filling than pure new wool. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Each strand of wool has a natural twist like 'little springs' which give the fillings their luxurious feel.

Wool fillings handle perspiration far better than other fillings and even better than cotton. It disperses moisture from the skin then diffuses back to the atmosphere providing a cosy, natural, healthy sleeping environment. 

Wool is naturally fire resistant so does not require chemicals to make it pass the fire resisting requirements for UK mattresses.

The wool fillings we use are very flexible to work in conjunction with the springs to allow the mattress to mould itself to your body shape and give perfect support. When you lift our mattress you will notice how flexible it is.

Scientific tests have proven that hair creates an excellent microclimate, keeping us comfortable in warm and cold conditions. Horsehair is very resilient by by nature and has fantastic ventilating properties

The cotton ticking is a natural fibre renowned for its softness and moisture handling.


2. Pocket Spring Unit

The foundation of the mattress. The Pocket springs we use are constructed of a quality high tensile wire. As soon as it is made every spring is heated to 280 deg C, and then cooled at a controlled rate before it is put into its individual pocket. This tempering process resists springs gradually softening.


To achieve the optimum support to suit each person’s weight and preferences, requires a careful balance of the number of springs, thickness of wire and pre tension. We also increase the tension of our springs along the side of the mattress that firms the edge and helps avoid the possibility of rolling out of bed.

To allow our special springs to work to their best advantage, we use natural and highly flexible fillings so that they can move with the springs and mould to your body shape. The result is that your spine is not stressed and can follow a natural line even when sleeping on your side.

3. Why Pure Rest Beds?

With over 50 years experience in the bedding trade, we understand what it takes to make the ultimate bed in terms of comfort, style and quality. The result has been truly amazing,   We take pride in the fact that our bed has been called the most comfortable best made british bed.......and as we conform to British standards by passing the mattress durability test ( BS 7397 and EN 1957 ) you know this is a bed built to last!

Around a third of our life is spent in bed and the quality of our sleep is reflected in our performance during the following day
It is wise to carefully select your mattress as it will perhaps be one of the best investments you can make

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