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Good Hastens Alternative? Similar like Hastens

Good Hästens Alternative?

Is there a good alternative / competitor brand who make beds similar to Hästens that feel the same, are of the same quality / specification, but at a more sensible price ?
What are the facts?

1) Hästens beds are a great bed and feel amazing but are extremely expensive.


2) Approximately 15 years ago we were asked by bed expert Frank Taylor ( who at the time worked for Clement Joscelyne a major UK Hästens dealer ) if we could make a British made bed that equaled the feel of a Hästens. He had already tried multiple UK manufacturers and none of them achieved this. Our family has been in the industry for over 50 years as a major supplier of machinery and materials to UK bed factories and with our deep understanding of manufacturing techniques we made a prototype bed. The dealer was amazed and delighted we had done it! In fact because we have access to specialised machinery that Hästens does not have we have now been able to increase the specification of the toppers beyond their current capabilities.


3) Our beds quickly overtook Hästens sales at Clement Joscelyne. A Hästens rep visited the store in Cambridge and was quoted by Frank as saying "It feels like a Hästens!". It was British made, same level of comfort, same or better specification and at a fraction of the price. No wonder it overtook sales.

4) One  family and previous owner of a Hästens bed has now placed around 40 orders with us for our beds in their superyatch and properties in the UK and Switzerland. They sent us a comment "We love your beds! And way better than Hästens anyway, just saying ;)

5) Most UK brands copy each other in the way their beds are manufactured. Which is why most are unable to match the feel of a Hästens. Hästens do things differently and so do we. That's why both our beds have been likened to sleeping on a cloud. Please call us to explain as some of this is trade secrets. 

6) We like Hästens use pocket springs that are heat treated after being coiled. This is important as it tempers and locks in the spring. Even very expensive beds ( much more than ours ) who claim this have been using heat treated wire but not tempering after the spring is coiled so these beds will over time sag greatly reducing their lifespan.

7) Like Hästens we use horse hair around the springs in the mattress.

8) We also like Hästens use pure new wool fillings. We can offer other premium fillings such as cashmere, silk, camel hair and even fillings made from rose stalks. Vicuña wool is considered the rarest and most expensive legal wool in the world. However, as all fillings are covered in a ticking such as cotton and then your sheets are placed on top the feel of the expensive fillings such as silk are wasted as you never come in contact with them. For the ultimate comfort all you need is soft fillings that are breathable and handle moisture well. Pure new wool is perfect! 

9) Our toppers can be made to a higher specification than Hästens quilted toppers as we have specialised adapted machinery to achieve this. This is one of the benefits of our 50 years of experience supplying the trade with machines.

In conclusion the feel of Hästens beds is wonderful, but not unique! You can experience the same amazing feeling of sleeping on a cloud with Pure Rest Beds.  Please call us for more info. With over 50 years heritage you can rely on our expertise.

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A Good Hastens Altrnative - Pure Rest Beds

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